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Affordable Tree Removal Services in Hamilton

Hamilton Tree Care provides both residential and commercial tree removal in Hamilton, Ontario. Trees are one of the most important species in the planet. They provide us with several benefits including clean oxygen, and a beautiful view. However, there will always come a time when a tree becomes damaged beyond repair and needs to be removed.

Tree removal is a very dangers task that requires the right techniques to be used to ensure its done properly. At Hamilton Tree Care, we have experts with over 10+ years of experience in tree removal. We follow extensive protocol and use high-powered equipment to make sure the tree removal process is 100% safe. Whether you need a full tree removal, your stump grinded, or emergency tree removal service, we can provide you with professional services at a great price.

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When to know its time for a tree removal

Knowing when it’s time for a tree removal can be difficult. Sometimes its determined by the structure of the tree, other times its determined by the trees appearance. We’ve developed a list of what you should look out for when determining if its time to have your tree removed.

  • If a tree is growing near a power line, as this could cause the lines to damage if they interact
  • Consistent shedding from the tree, causing a lot tree branches to fall on the ground
  • If the size of the tree is overwhelmingly large, and could be a safety hazard
  • The tree has structural damage due to heavy winds, or a storm
  • If you notice a tree is growing too close to your home
  • When you can spot fungus growing on the tree
  • The leaves are becoming discoloured
  • Dead tree branches.
  • Diseased tree

If you notice that a tree near you is showing one of these signs, it’s probably time to have that tree removed. Contact Hamilton Tree Care If you need an experienced expert to visit your location and properly inspect a tree for signs of a removal.

What is the estimated cost of tree removal in Hamilton?

The cost of a tree removal In Hamilton Ontario varies due to several external factors. We can’t calculate the price of a tree removal without getting more information about a tree. Every tree is different, meaning some trees will be very easy to remove, while other trees will require more crew support and equipment. Here are some factors that can determine the price of a tree.

The size of the tree. Tree size is probably the biggest factor when it comes to finding out the price of the tree removal. Trees that are under 25ft will be easier to remove, giving it a cheaper price.

The trees location. Is it located in an area that’s easy to reach? Are we able to use a vehicle to assess the tree? Trees that are not vehicle assessable can cause problems, as we sometimes need to use vehicles to properly use the equipment.

Trees proximity to other areas: Is the tree close to other homes, or commercial areas? Trees that are located in such areas are seen as a safety hazard. To properly remove the tree safely, we would need to use more equipment, and send more experts to do the work.

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Why choose Us for Tree Removal?

25+ years of experience in tree removal: Since tree removal is extremely dangerous, we always advise our clients to choose a tree company that has over 10 years of experience. At Hamilton Tree Care, we have over 25 years of cutting down trees in Hamilton. Safety is our number one priority. We’ve invested in the proper equipment needed to ensure that the safety of the community is unfazed.

Professional Support Team: You can always count on our crew for professional assistance. We’re reliable, efficient, and we only provide high quality work. If you call us today for tree removal, we’ll try our best to come to you tomorrow and service your needs.

Licensed & Insured: Because of the dangers that are associated with tree removal, Hamilton Tree Care is fully licensed and insured. Our #1 goal is to make sure the removal process is smooth and efficient. We want you to be 100% happy with our services, which is why we always try to go above and beyond to make sure you remember us.