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Hamilton Tree Care provides affordable, safe and professional tree service in Hamilton, Ontario. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting, arborist services, tree cutting, stump removal and much more! Whether you need residential or commercial tree services, you can always count on us if you need a reliable tree company.

With over 25 years of experience in tree service, Hamilton Tree Care makes sure you’re our number one priority. If you call us today for a tree removal, our certified experts will there tomorrow, and they won’t leave until the entire job is complete, which includes the cleanup process.

At Hamilton Tree Care, all of our tree surgeons are licensed and insured professionals, with a great attitude because this is our passion. Trees play a vital role in making our environment beautiful and healthy, and we want to help keep it that way. If you need affordable tree service in the Hamilton area, give us a call, or click the button below for a free quote.

Our Tree Services Include

Removing a tree in Hamilton

Tree Removal

Hamilton Tree Care provides residential & commercial tree removal in Hamilton. Tree removing requires alot of practice and expertise to ensure public safety. that's why it’s best to choose a company with experience in tree removal. We not only provide you with high quality tree removal services, we also clean up the area leaving you no obligation to do anything but enjoy the aftermath.

Trimming a tree in Hamilton

Tree Trimming

We provide tree pruning and trimming services. Trees should be trimmed in order to remain healthy, and safe from falling branches. Protect the environment and your community by calling us to prune your tree. We’re the most trusted tree trimming company in Hamilton. We’ll prolong the lifespan of your tree by properly trimming the dead branches and infected branches.

Planting a tree in Hamilton

Tree Planting

The most exciting part of tree servicing has to be tree planting. Planting trees on your property provide many long-term benefits. Trees not only avoid gases like carbon dioxide, they do a great job in providing us with clean oxygen. We provide the city of Hamilton with tree planting services. With every tree we plant, help both mother nature and our amazing city

3 Benefits Of Tree Trimming

It keeps the tree healthy

A tree needs to be properly maintained to ensure it remains healthy. This includes pruning the tree to remove the dead branches at the end of the tree. When a dead branch is not trimmed, it leaves the tree vulnerable to infections and diseases. This can eventually spread out to different parts of the tree, causing harm to the tree’s health. A simple tree trim in- between seasons help a tree remain healthy and beautiful

The tree looks properly maintained and beautiful

The difference between a trimmed tree and a tree that has not been took care of is obvious. Not only does a trimmed tree look more visually appealing, it allows the sun to properly flow through the tree, giving the area beautiful shine.

To avoid dead tree branches from breaking and falling

By properly pruning your tree, you can avoid the long, dreaded process of raking the dead tree branches in the fall. A tree that’s healthy, and properly trimmed won’t shed its branches on your property. Save your workload and protect your tree by having us thoroughly prune your trees to perfection.

Other Tree Services:

Stump removal and grinding in Hamilton

Stump Removal

Our tree company provides you with both stump removal & stump grinding. Both processes are similar but require different techniques and have different results. If you need your stump to be leveled with the floor, you might prefer the stump grinding method. But if you want the entire stump, including the roots to be removed from the ground, the stump removal process is the way to go.

Our cabling and bracing process

Cabling and Bracing

Installing cabling and bracing systems strengthens and protects trees that are vulnerable to damage. Cabling & bracing helps with the structuring of trees by restricting the movements and twisting of branches that are vulnerable to failure. It also protects the tree from external damages such as strong winds. Contact us if you require cabling & bracing services in Hamilton.

How we do our emergency tree removals

24/7 Emergency Services

We 24/7 provide emergency tree removal services for anyone who needs immediate tree assistance. Emergency service requests are usually the result of windy, or ice storms. Some storms are extremely powerful, they can damage a tree beyond repair. If you spot a tree in your community that’s severely damaged, don’t wait, and call us for emergency tree removal.

Why Choose Hamilton Tree Care

Over 25 years of experience

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What Our Clients Say

"Hamilton Tree Care is the most qualified tree company in Hamilton. I called them on Monday for a yearly tree trimming, and not only did the come on Tuesday, but they trimmed the tree in only a couple of hours. Not only that, they picked up all the branches that fell on the ground."
Dave Court
Hamilton, Ontario
"11 days ago, a windy storm caused a damaged tree near my neighbourhood to tilt to the point it looked dangerous. I asked my neighbour what to do, they told me to call Hamilton Tree Care. When I called them, they instantly came to the location, and safely removed the tree."
Steve Smith
Hamilton, Ontario

Our Guarantee To You

At Hamilton tree care, we’re not satisfied until we know that your request is solved. We guarantee that you will always get high quality tree services from us, from start to finish.

Tree service is a dangerous job that requires high powered machinery and an experienced crew, and that’s exactly what we have. Hamilton Tree Care wants you to know that every tree we cut is done using cutting-edge equipment, and a crew of veteran tree doctors.

If you’re looking for a tree company that’s experienced, equipped, and prepared, we think you came to the right place!